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A service for authors and publishers. If you need a book ghosted or have a book project that’s causing you problems – it needs doctoring, cutting, or polishing, where imagination has stalled, structure is shaky or characters aren’t coming to life, I can take care of it for you. I can advise you, ghostwrite it for you, or fix your existing text.

Sometimes you can’t even tell where the problem is – you know the book's going badly, but don’t know why, and can’t think how to fix it – if so, bring it to me. I’ll pin down the problems for you and advise you on how they can be solved.

I’ll work closely with the book team – author, editor, agent – to get the best possible outcome for your book.

Bring me a problem and I’ll give you back a commercially viable book.

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Fast, creative, thorough, pleasant to work with. All kinds of book projects handled:

history • celeb & sports memoirs • biographies • popular science • tragic life stories • fiction

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These are some of my recent nonfiction books; they all came to me as projects that their original authors couldn’t make work, and I turned them into acclaimed, bestselling books. To learn more about them, visit my author website. Or you can find me on Facebook or Twitter.

You can contact me about work either through my agent Andrew Lownie or by emailing me direct.


Some testimonials from publishing professionals and collaborators...


I've worked with Jeremy for three years and in that time he has ghosted  six books for publishers ranging from Penguin and Oneworld to Icon and John Blake. He has a terrific range through memoir, military history, biography and books of ideas and a real gift for not only capturing a writer's voice but also doing additional research. 

He is the main agency reader producing several reports every week, each of which cleverly finds and addresses the central weakness or strength of a book. I rely on him enormously and am greatly in awe of his many talents.

Andrew Lownie  literary agent


Jeremy Dronfield has a remarkable talent for narrative structure and his novels are ingenious and multi-layered.

Jonny Geller • literary agent and joint CEO, Curtis Brown


I was fortunate enough to publish Jeremy Dronfield’s first three novels while an editor at Headline Book Publishing. What was most remarkable about them was the variety of genres and styles that he was able to draw on and his fluency in telling different kinds of stories, from psychological suspense to full-blown action thriller, from historical drama to crime mystery. Alongside my enjoyment of the books themselves, his adaptability and all-round facility as a writer made working with him a pleasure, and I can think of few authors capable of tackling such a broad range of writing projects.

Bill Massey • Deputy Publishing Director, Orion Book Publishing


As the proper treatment of my father's story meant the world to me, I was careful to find the right person. Jeremy far exceeded my wishes. His keen understanding for the setting (World War II), and penchant for meticulous research, helped to put this piece of non-fiction beyond reproach. Most of all, I did not expect how beautifully written the story would turn out to be. His narrative style captured the imagery and emotion so well, that not only was I brought to tears on first reading, but also were so many readers since. Jeremy is passionate about his work.

Lee Trimble • co-author, Beyond the Call


Jeremy was an excellent person to work with. In an area where he was not particularly well-versed, he spent a considerable amount of time getting to know the research material and discussing the style of writing which would best suit the project. He then adopted a written style to match the agreed approach.

He was rigorous in terms of footnoting all sources and was flexible and professional in his approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a collaborative writer to other people trying to get their work published.

Adrian Clark • co-author, Queer Saint: The Cultured Life of Peter Watson


Initially I was concerned that having a co-writer might destroy my vision of the book, but Jeremy rewrote the book in a much more engaging style without fundamentally altering my original theme. At every stage of the re-write, Jeremy consulted with me almost daily to check that I agreed with his plans.  His intelligence and insight resulted in a wonderful book.

Along the way, as an added bonus, I learnt a great deal from our joint venture which will, I am sure, help me in my future work.

Deborah McDonald • co-author, A Very Dangerous Woman


Jeremy became fascinated by the myriad events in the tapestry of  our subject's life – and, by his own meticulous additional research, contributed immensely to its texture and many back stories.

With his invaluable literary and research skills, his chameleon-like ability to slip under the skin, and unerringly to take upon himself the style mantle of the widely differing works which he has co-authored, it is difficult to speak highly enough of Jeremy Dronfield's innate, unerring ability as a writer.  It has been a pleasure to work with him.

Michael du Preez • co-author, Dr James Barry: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

A few responses to my books...

Intelligent, provocative and utterly beguiling … Dronfield has a flawless control of the mechanisms of fiction

The Times

A gifted, original writer.

Sunday Telegraph

Suspenseful and incisive work … brilliant

The Times

Scrupulous and compelling.

Brian Sewell

A Very Dangerous Woman is an incredible, beautifully written story.

Susan Ottaway, author of Sisters, Secrets and Sacrifice

Snappy and cinematic, Beyond the Call is a gift.

Adam Makos, New York Times bestselling author of A Higher Call

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