About Jeremy Dronfield

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I have solid foundations in three fields: rigorous academic research (PhD, Cambridge); popular literary and thriller fiction (four critically acclaimed novels); and commercial non-fiction across a range of genres. I am also beginning to branch into screenwriting, working on adaptations of two of my recent books.

My roots are in academic archaeology, in which I did interdisciplinary research on prehistoric art and religion, anthropology and neuroscience. After completing and publishing my PhD I began writing fiction, publishing my first novel, the bestselling The Locust Farm (Headline) in 1998.

In the 2000s I diversified. Having taken on a number of jobs as a reader, adviser and editor (fiction and non-fiction), I discovered that I had an ability to see through the tangle of problem books and develop comprehensive rescue plans. Building on this, I started working as a book doctor and ghostwriter. This in turn has led me into co-authored as well as ghosted non-fiction. I am also starting to write non-fiction as sole author.

When I come to a project, I bring nearly 20 years' experience in all aspects of conceiving, researching, structuring and writing books. I’m highly skilled in both documentary and person-to-peron research. My research is up to the best academic standards (or journalistic, as required), yet my writing can cover all bases from popular academic to the mass market: tight, focused, well-paced, rich and vivid. To each book I bring a style and voice appropriate to the subject.


To learn more about my books, visit my author website. Or you can find me on Facebook or Twitter.

You can contact me about work either through my agent Andrew Lownie or by emailing me direct.

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